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Welcome, I wanted to introduce myself to.  My name is Micheal Price.  I’m was born in Groom TX…. yes you read it correctly Groom. I was supposed to be born in Pampa TX, but my mom went into labor on a road trip and Groom was the closest hospital.  I can see my dad in a frantic panic right now… lol!  Not to top that, but the nurse in Groom spelled my name wrong on the birth certificate and they decided to leave it alone.  My name is spelled Micheal, so don’t think it’s a typo.  I was raised in Tyler Texas, the home of Earl Campbell, and according to my fiance he’s famous for making hotlinks.  Forget the fact that he’s a Hall of Fame Running Back folks… she came up with hotlinks. I was fortunate enough to live my dream and go to college on a full Athletic Scholarship.  I attended Texas A&M University and competed in Football and Track and Field.  I bleed maroon… ( so do you, if you don’t believe me, cut yourself!)  I have a BS in Agricultural Development ( leadership education).  I was able to run professional track and field, and I’d give everything for one more chance… Another one of my dreams accomplished.

June 25, 2008.  I’m the branch manager of First Option Mortgage.  Things are awesome, my pipeline is full and my loan officers are all making money so everyone is happy.  Well on this particular day I get a call from Ron Black.  Ron was one of my older loan officers so I always called him sir.  Well I answer the phone and he ask’s me why I didn’t tell him the office was closing?  What do you mean Ron the office is closing.  I’m on my way to the office.  I’ll talk to you in five minutes.  I get to the office.  My entire staff and support staff are sitting in the lobby.  I then see Tim and Kurt here.  These were 2 of 3 managing partners fo the company. 

 I walk over to them and ask what is going on?  I’m immediately told that the office is closing and I had the chance to move to Atlanta GA.  I thought about it for about 5 minutes and said… “if you buy my house or pay the mortgage until I sell it, I’ll move to Atlanta.  Well they said no, so long story short I made one phone call and had a job.  I had been getting recruited from several companies that wanted good people.  I felt as if I was prepared for the layoff.  I quickly find out that I was not prepared.  I had a job in five minutes, but the reality is; some people counted on those partners to pay their bills.  Everyone in my office was hitting numbers, how could they close the office down?  This makes no sense I’m thinking.  Come to find out the Partners were in a battle and the only way to get rid of the 3rd one was to shut the entire office down and buy him out.  I was not prepared for the looks on the faces of my employees.  

How could I fix this problem.  Any other problem, my staff knew I had their backs, but this was different?  How was this person going to feed her girls, how was this person going to pay his car note?  How would the light bill get paid.  I had a total feeling of helplessness.  They all looked at me with sorrow in their eye.  I had no answers for them at all because I didn’t know.  The sad thing is I actually worked late the night before so I could get a report in.    

I am truly the type of person that wants to help the next person shine.  If I can help you get what you want and need, I feel like I have helped the world be a better place.  I was a volunteer coach for a few high school sprinters for a while, and you would have thought I was training Usain Bolt.  The look on a kids face is priceless when they accomplish something you’ve told them they can do for months. I take that same approach to business.  I love to see people achieve the success they are looking for.  There is no better feeling in the world.  That brings me to this point and why you are reading an about me section of my website today. I have been in the corporate world since I left track and field over ten years ago.  I bounced around from job to job my first two years, but then I found the Mortgage Business.  My thoughts were; finally something I can do and use my competitive nature and actually get paid to use it.  PERFECT FIT!  I hit the ground running and became a top producer in the business.  I started out with a company that is no longer around and made quite a bit of money. The thing about the mortgage business is we made a lot of money, but I was so young at the time that I spent a lot of money also.  I was under the impression that things would always be this way and I had made my mark.  I was going to do this business forever.  Then came 2008.  2 years before this we had an office joke that if we wanted to make 20k a month we would just work on Friday.  Yes back then I called the mortgage business my personal ATM.  I could pull out of it whatever I wanted.  (back to the point) I decided I would never be caught with my pants down; NEVER AGAIN!  Never.  I decided to start an online presence and help people out of the same position I started out in.

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