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Iaso Tea Scam- There Is No Iaso Tea Scam


Iaso Tea Scam Does Not Exist Let’s start this blog post off from the top and say there is Iaso Tea Scam.  The Total Life Changes company is not a scam.  I’m sick and tired of marketers out there shooting this scam videos.  They are playing off your emotions and know that when you hear […]

Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss Green tea weight loss has become the miracle drink for  people looking to lose weight.  In all reality green tea has been around for years, but science and technology has started to let the average person know that green tea weight loss is the way to go.  Everyone knows that dieting […]

Wake Up Now


Wake Up Now I wanted to get out a quick blog post in regards to wake up now.  I’ll be the first to say that when it comes to wake up now I was not someone that was open to listening to anyone about it.  That’s not to say that wake up now is not […]

Best Flash Chargers


Flash Chargers Flash Chargers are a great way for you to keep your devices charged and ready for when you need them.  How many times have you had someone ask you to let you borrow your phone charger at the job.  More ironically, how many times have you seen someone in a restaurant looking for […]

RemarkaMobile Mobile Revolution


RemarkaMobile Will Change Your Marketing  Every now and then a product comes along that is just one of those must have tools.  You know the tools that you see and ask yourself, how your business survived this long without it?  RemarkaMobile is one of those types of tools.  It definitely puts you in the 21st […]

iPhone no credit check


iPhone No Credit Check  When it comes to the smart phone wars these days, there are so many phones to choose from.  The many options can leave your head spinning.  The most commonly known phone and quite possibly the most famous out there is the iPhone.  However, this is one of the hardest of the […]

Blog Beast Review

Blog Beast I’m going to try and give an honest opinion about what I know about the Blog Beast launch so far.  I’m not an empower network member, but my box has been flooded with email after email about supposedly the next greatest internet must have tool for the past month or so.  Typically when […]


Testing out my mobile blog to see if I could do what the guys at empower are selling for free and calling it blog beast.  This video is just a video that was on my phone that I decided to upload.  It has nothing to do with any post what-so-ever.  Just testing out the FREE […]

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